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We are impacting lives globally

100 million litres of water generated and 200 million litres of water saved 

First day at the MEGHDOOT Water from Air Kiosk at Secunderabad Railway Station (1).jpeg

World’s First Water from Air Kiosk at Secunderabad Junction Railway Station

Objective for the installation:

To implement a sustainable water solution in partnership with the Indian Railway (South Central Zone) authorities to meet the water requirements of travellers and railway staff, with zero reliance on external water sources.

Project Highlights:

  • Access to clean, high-quality, mineral-enriched drinking water at a fraction of the cost of branded water bottles

  • Reduction in plastic wastage by encouraging refills

  • Employment opportunities to marginalised/under-served community members

Doctor's Appointment

Healthy Drinking Water for Children at  Paediatric Oncology Centre

Objective for the installation:

To provide access to clean, microbe-free, mineral-enriched potable water to children (patients), doctors and researcher in a water-scarce location, and eliminate dependence on canned water with questionable water quality.

Project Highlights:

  • Access to clean, healthy, mineral-enriched drinking water in a water-scarce location

  • Healthy and safe water.

  • Eliminates dependence on unreliable, quality compromised external source of drinking water.

  • Avoid logistics involved in procuring bulk packaged drinking water