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From the Founder's Desk

Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, Founder and Managing Director, Maithri Aquatech

Dear friends,

While we actively talk about water in terms of its most important uses, i.e., quenching thirst and growing food, how often have any of us wondered about its spiritual value, its cultural significance? Though not supporting life actively as the formerly mentioned two aspects, these factors serve to further enhance the significance of water. Rivers are revered as Gods and Goddesses, many religious ceremonies include sprinkling of, or dipping in, water as an important ritual, water offerings are made at shrines. The current issue of AquaBuzz talks about these less discussed aspects of water.

Talking about Maithri Aquatech’s collaborations in the recent past, I would like to highlight a couple of our unique projects here. Maithri Aquatech and the Mumbai Division of Central Railways have partnered to install 17 MEGHDOOT Air water kiosks across 6 stations in the city, making this the largest chain of Air Water Kiosks for public convenience in the world. These will cater to millions of railway passengers, without any dependence on ground or surface water resources. We also partnered with Jaitra Wellness Pvt Ltd to create the world's first bottling plant for alkaline-based air water.

I am also happy and proud to share with you that Maithri Aquatech has won the coveted ‘Global Water Award’, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to identify how innovative and sustainable technologies can be part of the solution towards global water and food security.

Maithri Aquatech was also awarded the JSW TOI 10th Earth Care Awards under the "Innovation in Climate Action" category, validating our contribution to this other very significant global challenge, of climate change, apart from our core aim of providing global water security.

We also won the KPMG – Global Tech Innovator Competition 2022 – India, going on to represent the country in this category in the international competition at Lisbon. This win is a testament to the innovative and pioneering spirit of the company and its commitment to creating sustainable water solutions.

As always, it has been a busy and rewarding period for all of us here at Maithri Aquatech, details of which are discussed further on in this newsletter. While recognition for our purpose and vision in the form of awards and new collaborations fills us with a sense of accomplishment, our team is not one to rest on its laurels. In fact, these serve as an inspiration to strive harder to achieve our mission of providing the world with a new and sustainable source of water.

As aptly put by Robert Frost, we have miles to go before we sleep…!

Best regards,

M. Ramkrishna

Founder and MD

Maithri Aquatech

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