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Recent Updates from Maithri Aquatech

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  • Maithri Aquatech has been awarded a project by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to install its flagship product MEGHDOOT at one of their oil rigs. Offshore oil and gas platforms and vessels require a reliable supply of freshwater for drinking and to keep critical machinery and equipment operational. So far most deep sea oil drilling companies have been depending on either water transported using offshore supply vessels or seawater desalination process. The former involves the dual challenges of long distance between supply base to offshore platforms and exposure to weather and sea condition uncertainties, while the latter is expensive and generates significant waste, thereby impacting the ecosystem unfavourably.

MEGHDOOT is expected to meet freshwater demand onsite on the oil rigs, using the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) technology, with no need for any source of water and no waste generation.

  • Maithri Aquatech was invited to ‘Pani pe Charcha’, a series of talks on Water related topics - an initiative by Sustainable Enterprises for Water and Health (SEWAH) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Maithri Aquatech’s CEO, Naveen Mathur participated as the keynote speaker in the talk organised in August and spoke on ‘MEGHDOOT - Water from Air’. He discussed the innovative AWG technology and its potential to resolve the water security problems. The talk was well attended by academicians, policy makers, experts and senior officials from the Water Industry.

  • Maithri Aquatech’s strategic partner CONTEC Global, is participating in the 5th Arab Water Forum (AWF) which is considered the most important water-related event in the Arab region. Providing a unique platform for communication, the AWF is a stage for Arab water community leaders and key decision-makers to discuss water challenges that the Arab region, one of the most water stressed in the world, is facing. The 5th edition of the AWF, being organised from September 21-23, will feature 3 days of panel sessions, scientific sessions, and an Arab Water Expo. Maithri Aquatech’s AWG machines have been exported for this prestigious event and will be exhibited as a sustainable and innovative solution to water scarcity, that will enable nations to be net producers, rather than consumers, of water.

  • The company had organised two new AquaTalks webinars since the last AquaBuzz update.

  • The seventh episode was organised on 23rd July 2021 with the topic, 'True Value of Water in Cities', and featured Anand Jalakam (Director, Jalakam Solutions | International Expert on Water Utility Management) and Dr. Victor Shinde (Lead, Urban Rivers Project, NIUA | Scientist and Technical Expert on Water and Environment).

  • The eight episode was organised on 20th August 2021 with the topic, 'Assuring Water Security with Quick-Fit and Re-Deployable Infrastructure', and featured Dr. M.N. Roy (Founder President of SIGMA Foundation | Retd. Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal) and Prof. Srinivas Chary V (Director, Centre for Energy, Environment, Urban Governance and Infrastructure Development at ASCI).

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