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From the Founder's Desk

Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, Founder of Maithri Aquatech
Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, Founder of Maithri Aquatech

Dear friends,

Thank you for your encouraging response to the inaugural issue of AquaBuzz! We hope that we will continue to discuss relevant issues pertaining to Water and Environment through this platform.

The Water Water Day this year chose the theme ‘Valuing Water’. The value of water is not lost on anyone; civilizations have thrived near fresh water sources while some have actually collapsed due to shifting or drying up of these sources. Historically, major civilizations came up along major rivers like the Indus, Nile and Tigris-Euphrates. Today, many big cities in Europe have developed along the banks of major rivers, notable examples being London on the Thames, Paris on the Seine, Rome on the Tiber and Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade along the Danube.

Many believe that the economic power wielded by oil-rich regions today could well shift to water-rich regions in the near future. Judging from this, the question we need to ask ourselves is, are we underestimating the true value of water? The other question that is weighing on the minds of policy makers is how to gauge the monetary value of water that can be charged to users. This, though slightly sensitive since water has traditionally been considered a social good provided freely by nature, needs to be addressed given the water scarcity faced by many regions today.

Appreciating the value of water, the need of the hour is to innovate and find ways to conserve water. One such innovation is the Water from Air technology that utilises atmospheric humidity to ‘generate’ water; it is a sustainable option that does not depend upon conventional sources of water, and can have wide-ranging applications. For these reasons as well as its rapid deployability, Maithri Aquatech’s own AWG Machine MEGHDOOT, is finding application at a variety of locations ranging from office campuses, residential quarters, railway stations, oil rigs and even African jungles, among others.

We hope to keep sharing news and views about the Water Industry and updates on Maithri Aquatech through future issues of AquaBuzz.

Till then, take care, stay safe!

Yours sincerely,

M. Ramkrishna

Founder and Managing Director

Maithri Aquatech

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