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First Indian recognised as a Global Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Pioneer for Water

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Hyderabad, India – June 2nd, 2022. For the first time in the world, an Indian has been recognised by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as a Global Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Pioneer for Water Stewardship from India.

The United Nations Global Compact had announced 10 new SDG Pioneers -- business leaders who are doing an exceptional job to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the implementation of the UN Global Compact Ten Principles on human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption.

The global search focused on professionals working at any level in a company participating in the UN Global Compact with the winners selected coming from every continent. Their work spans various areas from climate mitigation and adaptation to circular economy and digital transformation.

Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, the Founder and Managing Director of Maithri Aquatech, a Make-In-India company, was previously selected as India’s SDG Pioneer by the UN Global Compact Network India (GCNI) earlier this year, for his work in building water security with nature-based water solutions across India and 27 countries spanning South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Following this, he was recognized as one of the 10 new SDG Pioneers for 2022.

The company’s unique solution – MEGHDOOT, is based on an alternative water concept known as Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) that taps into a vast, renewable water resource – AIR, which contains six times as much freshwater as all the rivers on our planet combined. With global fresh water scarcity becoming a heated subjected, there is a need for alternative and disruptive solutions such as MEGHDOOT to rapidly secure water access to consumers. The proven technology already meets the requirements of domestic consumers in water-scarce locations, top Fortune 500 companies, large Public-sector companies, hospitals, schools, under served communities and many others. To date, Maithri Aquatech has generated over 100 million litres of fresh water from air, and saved an estimated 200 million litres of crucial groundwater resources from exploitation.

“I am extremely humbled to have been recognised by the United Nations Global Compact. Recognitions such as these surely show the importance sustainable water solutions such as MEGHDOOT have in the current global climate, and the intensity of the global water problem. This recognition will empower my efforts in mitigating the water crisis across the planet, and I urge others to do the same.” said Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, Founder and Managing Director of Maithri Aquatech.

“Business has a critical role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and improving our world. Global challenges - ranging from food crises, climate and water, to poverty, conflict and inequality - are in need of solutions that the private sector can help deliver. These exceptional professionals, this year’s SDG Pioneers, show exactly what can be done by business to make a difference that not only serves shareholders but also society at large,” said Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary- General and CEO of the UN Global Compact.

With this award, it is hoped the SDG Pioneers will continue to champion the Sustainable Development Goals in their local communities, inspiring others to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and leading the way to a more sustainable future.

The 2022 SDG Pioneers were announced during the UN Global Leaders Summit 2022.

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